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1. Orientflex concrete hose has strong pressure resistance ability.

The hose have 4-layer steel wire winding. It use special steel wire for copper-plated rubber hose. The pressure resistance effect is 3-4 times that of ordinary rubber hose.

2. The coupling use Galvanizing process

The appearance core use seamless steel. so it not only looks beautiful, but also can achieve 100% no turn-around.

3. Medium rubber design

The medium rubber adopts the most reasonable formula design. It combine the rubber and steel wire into one perfectly .

4. Outer layer process

The outer rubber adopts special anti-aging and high wear-resistant rubber. This ensures all working conditions of the hose from minus 20 degrees to minus 40 degrees.

concrete hose

5. Structural design patent technology

The structural design of the hose has obtained the patented technology of the housekeeper. The skeleton of the hose body has  the most reasonable mechanical design principle.

The concrete hose will not thicken and elongated, thus ensuring high wear resistance and high pressure resistance. It is praised as “the king of volume” by users

6. High wear coefficient

The inner rubber use polyurethane and butyl rubber as the main raw materials. And Add in special reinforcing agent. The 7mm thick inner wear-resistant rubber layer adopts a unique secret formula. its wear-resistant coefficient is 4-5 times that of ordinary rubber hose.

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