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Platinum vulcanized silicone hose is a silicone tube vulcanized with platinum metal catalyst. Platinum vulcanizing agent is also called platinum water, A/B two-component. It is a hydrosilylation reaction between peroxide methyl silicone oil and methacrylate hydrocarbon groups in the presence of a metal catalyst, thereby achieving the purpose of chemical cross-linking and vulcanization. It needs to be used together with Shin-Etsu silicone raw materials to have vulcanization effect.

Compared with ordinary odorless silicone tubes, platinum vulcanized silicone hose is odorless, highly transparent, and specially used for food contact purposes. It belongs to the high-end grade of silicone tubes. Silicone tubes are generally divided into three categories: industrial production grade (general), medical grade (platinum), and food grade (platinum). Platinum silicone tube also has performance characteristics:

braided silicone tubing

Improvement of structural mechanical properties

Because the use of platinum vulcanized silicone rubber produces an addition reaction, which is different from the original addition polymerization reaction, the fusion between the molecular structures of the silicone rubber is stronger, which increases the tensile strength, resilience and compressive strength of the silicone tube.

The shrinkage rate is low and the resilience level is further improved.

Strong resistance to high and low temperature tests

It will not deform under high-intensity temp and will not dissolve harmful substances easily. It has physiological plasticity and strong resistance to microorganism.

silicone briaded hose

Platinum vulcanizing agent and silicone raw materials have no odor after vulcanization. Besides, they are eco-friendly. The silicone tube has high clarity, stable size and low shrinkage. The product has great advantages in tensile strength, tear resistance and resilience. develop.

Today, platinum silicone hose becomes a common type of silicone tube in the medical device industry. Besides, it is widely used in various designated medical institutions and other industries.

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