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Aeration hoses dissolved oxygen into the water to enhance aquaculture density. If your business or project is involved with aquaculture, sewage treatment, garden irrigation, and greenhouse, you might be interested in or you already have aeration hoses.

What do aeration hoses working for?

Aeration hoses are mainly used for the aquaculture. The aeration hoses can constantly produce 20 ~ 50um diameter’s air bubbles, provided by air compressor pump. These air bubbles are in a smoke state, bringing oxygen into the water, thus increase the oxygen content in the water, to improve the aquaculture density.

The advantages of NR and PE compounded material

Aeration hoses constructed by NR and PE compounded material with super micro porous to achieve atomization effect. The aeration hoses can continuously work eight hours in -40 ℃ temperature environment. Its tensile strength is above 2.2 Mpa, and its tensile elongation is above 130%. The aeration hose is able to work up to the 6-meter depth of water. It can transferring 3-12 m³per HRM air. The outer diameter size can customized from 10 mm to 28 mm, and the wall thickness is above 2 mm is for sure.

aeration hose

If you are a pond owner, you definitely require an excellent aeration system. Orientflex’s aeration hose is able to help you to realize it. Through raising the air from the pond’s bottom to surface to cause the turbulence, helping you to solve the ponds’ problems concerning sludge, massive weed growth, and low oxygen content. A good quality aeration system will bring a steady stream of profits to your aquaculture business. Orientflex’s aeration hose will help your aquaculture business turn a tough situation around.

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