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Polyurethane hose is a hose made of polyurethane material. Its structure is strong elastic copper-plated steel wire covering the pipe wall. The wall material is made of special polyether-PUR material, which is a substitute for modern industrial PVC material. PUR material has better wear resistance than PVC material. In addition, the pipe body will not be affected by climate change. It also has properties such as tensile resistance, strong tension, and high tear strength.

Flour mills are a typical source of dust pollution. Therefore, effective dust prevention measures must be taken to protect workers’ health and improve production efficiency. As an excellent dust-proof equipment, polyurethane hose is indispensable for use in flour mills.

Polyurethane Ducting

The role of polyurethane hose in flour mills

Polyurethane hose has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in the high temperature, high pressure and dust environment of flour mills without deformation and damage.

Secondly, PU hoses have good flexibility and plasticity and can be easily bent and shaped to adapt to various working conditions and needs.

In addition, the sealing performance of the PU duct hose is very good, which can effectively prevent the leakage of flour dust, thus ensuring the quality and hygiene of flour.

In practical applications, polyurethane hoses can be used in flour transportation, ventilation and dust removal, grain storage, etc. For example, during the flour process, the use of PU hoses can reduce the generation of flour dust. Besides, it can improve efficiency and protect the health of workers.

PU Helix Duct Hose

In the ventilation and dust removal process, polyurethane hose serves as ventilation duct. And it ensures smooth ventilation and dust removal effects. While in the grain storage process, PU steel wire hose can make granaries to prevent grains from getting damp.

Besides flour mills, PU duct hose also widely serves in other industrial fields. While the typical ones include mining, chemical industry, medicine, etc.

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