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With the development of oilfield, the pipe has became a criss-cross network. It’s also the lifeline of oilfield. However, the corrosion, scaling and short lifespan problems of water injecting and underground pipe restrict the development of oilfield. What’s more, it brings serious safe and environmental risks.

In order to relieve such problem, the oilfield introduces glass fibre reinforced plastic pipe, flexible composite hose and many other non-metal pipes. These pipes solve such problems effectively and also provide strong safeguard to the development of oilfield. In fact, America begun to use non-metal pipe since 1950s. Then, made the relevant regulations in 1980s.

With the application of non metal hose in oilfield, its advantages has been acknowledged by the industry. Compared with metal pipe, non-metal pipe has irreplaceable advantages as following.

Excellent corrosion resistance and long working life

There are lots of corrosive mediums inside the crude oil like H2S, So2 and NaCl. The corrosion rate of these to metal pipe is about 11.7m/year. As a result, the working life of metal pipe reduces a lot. While the non-metal pipes generally has excellent corrosion resistance. For example, CPVC has large content of helium atoms, so it’s hard to act with acid, alkali and other compounds. What’s more, it is greatly resistant to strong oxide.

Other non-metal pipes also have great corrosion resistance, which greatly improves pipes’ working life. The lifespan of non-metal pipe can serve more than 30 years. While you have to repair your metal pipe every 3-5 years in highly corrosive areas. Besides, the maintenance charge is really high. In another hand, metal pipe can just serve 15 years.

fracking hose

Smooth inner wall and will not scale

The inner wall of metal pipe is rough, so the friction coefficient is large. What’s more, the resistance loss will be huge with the corrosion speed up. However, the inner wall of non-metal pipe remains smooth in the whole life with small friction coefficient. Thus the resistance of medium will be small, further reduce the energy lost.

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