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This piece will introduce the aramid fibre reinforced SAE 100 R8 / EN 855 R8 hydraulic hoses. SAE 100 R8 hydraulic hoses are also thermoplastic hydraulic hoses. Compare to SAE 100 R7 fibre braided hydraulic oil hose, the difference is R8 hydraulic hoses are reinforced by one or two layer of aramid fibre. Aramid fibre is a new generation of functional fibre. Aramid fibre is widely used as the reinforcement layer in the hoses’ construction. Even the braided aramid fibre is used as the substitute of the steel wire reinforcement. You can compare the max undertaken working pressure of SAE 100 R8 hydraulic hoses with the max working pressure of SAE 100 R7 (steel wire braided), which are similar, even the aramid fibre reinforcement R8 represents a better performance on withstanding higher working pressure.

Comparison between aramid reinforcement and steel wire reinforcement

The above information shows aramid reinforced hydraulic oil hose represents an excellent performance on pressure withstood. Besides this advantage, aramid reinforced hydraulic hoses are lighter than the steel wire reinforced one. Aramid fibre reinforcement reduces the total weight of the hose, increase the working pressure, enhance fatigue resistant performance and eradicate rust. The overall quality of the hydraulic hoses (reinforced by aramid fibre) has been improved, thus they last a longer serve life. In conclusion, aramid fibre reinforcement is the best choice for reinforcing rubber hoses, from the perspective of the effects of the aramid fibre itself and the used performance.

thermoplastic hose

Currently, aramid fibre reinforcement is widely used in automotive hoses, chemical hoses, petroleum hoses, aviation industrial hoses, marine hoses, as well as hydraulic hoses. From the statistics we know the annual growth rate of global demand of steel wire reinforced hoses is around 4.5%, whereas the annual growth rate of global demand of aramid fibre reinforced hoses is around 25%. You can see the market trends. We, Orientlfex produced aramid fibre braid resin hose meets or even exceeds the SAE 100 R8 requirements. If you are interested in purchasing this aramid reinforced thermoplastic hydraulic hose for medium pressure hydraulic and pneumatic applications, welcome to contact us.

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