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Recent years, the industry level constantly improves. While the food processing has become more and more simple. During the food process, it is transported through food grade rubber tubing. Therefore, this kind of hose plays a very important role in the process of food. However, you should use it correctly. Otherwise it will greatly affect the taste and quality of the food. Worse more, it even endangers the life of human.

food grade rubber tubing

How to use food grade rubber tubing correctly?

First of all, when using this kind of food hose, you must do a good job of cleaning. Because when you use this kind of hose for the first time, there will be impurity. While this will pollute the food. Besides, there will be small stone or other abrasives enter the hose. Then it will wear the inner wall. After a long time, the hose may breaks. Therefore, clean the hose up before the first use. In another hand, if you use the hose to deliver another kind of food, clean it up. Because the reserved food will mix with the another one. Then it will change the taste.

food grade hose pipe

Second, when you use food hoses, handle them with care to prevent damage. Rubber hose is a material which is easy to wear. Thus you should keep it away sharp or tough things. For example, the edge of metal machine. Besides, never drag the hose on the ground. Because that will speed the friction and will break the cover after a period. Then it will break the reinforce layer. Finally, it will cause the hose fail. If necessary, you can use a hose protection sleeve. Like spiral guard or nylon guard.

Besides above 2 factors, you should also focus on the temperature and pressure. In a word, consider as much as possible to use your food safe tubing correctly.

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