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The picture shows the production process for the camlock quick coupling. If your project is using hoses, you might have used camlock couplings. The camlock couplings are popular choices among couplings. Because camlock is easy to use, it does not need any complex tools and means to connect and disconnect the hose pipes easily and quickly, thus someone also call it camlock quick coupling. The camlock quick couplings are common in use. The camlock consist of a metal plate, we call it cam. The cam can rotate between ninty degrees and one hundred and eighty degrees to achiece lock and unlock. The cam needs to be inserted to the locking core to rotate, thus it can achieve quick connection and disconnection. The function of ‘cam’ is like the key to the lock. Therefore, we call it camlock.


The camlock fittings can be catagrized by what material they are made of. The common material types of camlock quick coupling include alumium, stainless steel, brass, pp, and nylon. We, Orientflex, can manufacture all of these material types of camlock based on your requirements. We manufactured camlock size is precise. Orientflex will measure the camlock’s length from the hole’s center to the cam’s end. If you read this piece till here, I think you already know the advantages of camlock. The camlock is suitable for the hose, which size range if from 1/2 inch to 8 inch. If you are looking for camlock for your hoses, or you plan to purchase the hoses with the camlocks together, welcome to send us your purchase list. We have a strong production capacity. We can satisfy all your requirements, even you are looking for many different types of camlock or other hose fittings.

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