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Chemical Hose Pipe

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Chemical Hose Pipe

Chemical hose pipe is a chemical discharge hose. It widely serves in chemical and oil industries to transfer acid, alkali and solvent. Orientflex chemical hose has an UHMWPE lining inside the tube. Thus it performs more better than the common acid resistant hose.

UHMWPE Chemical Hose

Tube: White and smooth EPDM, lined with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

Reinforcement: Multiple plies of strength synthetic fabrics

Cover: Made from EPDM with wrapped surface and resistant to chemical, weather and ozone.

Color: Blue, green wrapped

Temperature: -40℃ to + 120℃ (-72℉ to +248℉)

Application: acid resistant flexible hose is designed to transfer chemicals and solvents for in-plant and tank truck use.

UHMWPE Hose is to handle 98% of all common industrial chemicals, solvents, and corrosive liquids in pressure, gravity flow and suction services.

This high quality chemical rubber hose is used to transfer many industrial strength acids, chemicals and solvents at 120℃ and 250 psi.

Acid Resistant Tubing Features:

Handle 98% of the chemicals and acids

Heat, weather, abrasion resistant EPDM cover

Corrugated cover makes hose more flexible

Chemical Hose Pipe 150 PSI

Chemical Hose Pipe 250 PSI

Chemical Hose Pipe 300 PSI

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