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If we regard the house as a human body, then the hoses and pipes are the blood vessel. While the water is the blood. We know that the blood vessel is really important. Thus the pipes are also import for a comfortable living. However, most of the users don’t know too much about the pipes. Then how to choose a better pipe for your house? As the expert in hoses and pipes, we OrientFlex offer you the best solution.

PPR and PB pipe

PB pipe is healthy with great pressure resistance and stability. Same as PPR pipe, it can also serve both hot and cold water. PB pipe is more flexible than PPR pipe but poor on stiffness. Thus it cause a bad glancing flatness. Besides, it’s easy to bend and distort, so it will be not beautiful. Both of the PPR and PB pipe absorb hot melting connect method. But PB pipe will become ropy after melting. Thus the construction is more difficult than PPR pipe. Therefore, we have no reason to not chose PPR pipe with the same properties.

PPR pipe

PPR and stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel pipe is a durable material. As the recognized environmental protecting material, it’s really good to transfer water. Because you never have to worry about the rust and corrosion problems. Besides, it has high strength and pressure resistance. You can drink the water directly from the pipe.

However, other factors restrict the development in house. For example, the household connection is extrude or expand type. This not only cause high requirement to the installation, but also cause security risk. Besides, the price of stainless steel pipe is much higher than plastic one. Thus the market circulation is lower than plastic pipes.

This time we learned the comparison among PPR, PB and stainless steel pipe. Next time let’s talk about the copper hose. Want to learn more? Just follow OrientFlex.

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