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Corrugated metal hose is a necessary part in modern industry. Because it has many properties such as good softness. What’s more, it can resist fatigue, high temp and corrosion. Therefore, its service life is much longer than other hoses like rubber hose and plastic hose. So it It also has high economic benefits. In the future, the demand for high temp and high pressure resistant flexible stainless hose will greatly increase.

corrugated metal hose

Basic performance of corrugated metal hose

First, steel hose pipe has excellent weather resistance. Besides, there is no aging problem after long-term use. At the same time, there is no cracks and peeling due to aging.

Second, flexible metal pipe has excellent heat and temperature resistant. While it can work in the temp range of -193 to 350℃. Thus it is ideal for almost all the industries.

Third, flexible metal tubing has high pressure resistance. Because the pipe body is made of high quality stainless steel. A hose with an inner diameter of 10mm can withstand a pressure of 20Mpa. While a hose with an inner diameter of 300mm can withstand 1Mpa.

Last, the service life of the corrugated metal hose is more than 4 times that of the standard product.

flexible metal pipe

Function of steel braided hose

First, stainless steel hose can serve as the flexible connection between pipes. And there will never be twist and stretch problem. Second, stainless steel corrugated pipe can absorb the chock in the pipeline system. Then the system can be more reliable. Third, stainless steel braided hose can absorb the noise. For example, in the subway station, the machine running cause huge noise. And it is really terrible for the passengers. Then the metal braided hose can absorb these noise and make the passengers more comfortable. Last, in some cases, the steel hose can serve as the hose protector. It can protect rubber hose, PVC hose and wire from abrasion, high temp and impact.

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