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Welcome to the world of auto rubber hoses. The previous articles we have already talked about our rubber fuel hose SAE J30 R6, rubber heater hose SAE J20 R3, rubber brake hose SAE J1401 and SAE J1402, rubber conditioner hose SAE J2064, oil cooler hose SAE J1532, etc. If you are interested in those hoses, you can view the previous articles. The common thing of these hoses is that they are all applied in vehicles. This piece will continue talking about the hoses that are applied in vehicles. This is also an important hose-Power Steering Hose SAE J188. We will introduce this power steering hoses’ specifications, constructions, applications, characteristics, etc. to let you basically know how this power steering hoses have been manufactured. And then we will discuss about how we should inspect the power steering hose properly thus find and fix the issues in time.

The specifications of Power Steering Hose SAE J188

Firstly let’s see the construction of the Power Steering Hose SAE J188. The tube is made of oil resistant synthetic rubber (CSM), reinforced by high tensile braided fiber wire. The cover is made of the synthetic rubber with excellent anti-aging performance and weather resistant capacity. The smooth surface and cloth wrapped surface both are available to choose. Referring to this hose’s name power steering hose, this hose has been widely applied in power steering system inlet line of a variety of vehicles. Relying on our strict quality control, you never ever need to worry about the quality of the hoses manufactured by us, Orientflex. The characteristics’ advantages of this hoses include reducing noise and vibration, ozone resistance, and being able to withstand high working pressure with 103 bar, and so forth. The working temperature of the Power Steering Hose SAE J188 is from -40 ℃ to 121 ℃. This power steering hose only has one regular size which is 3/8 inch. If you read through this paragraph, I think you gained some knowledge about the power steering hose’s structure, material, and functions. Although we are confident about our hoses’ quality, no one can ensure an endless life of power steering hoses. Therefore, we will talk about why the power steering hoses will fail and how we should inspect them properly and repair them in time.

power steering pressure hose

Why the Power Steering Hose SAE J188 will fail?

If you have read the article we talked about the oil cooler hoses J1532, you might know it is the similar reason here for the power steering hose SAE J188, regarding the working environment. The power steering hose SAE J188 has to withstand high working pressure and temperature under the hood, meanwhile the ozone, oil and solvents shall continuously attack the outer cover of the power steering hoses. This is the main reason why the power steering hose fails easily compared with other types of rubber hoses. While the power steering hoses fail, it might cause the vehicle accident. In addition, the power steering fluid is extremely flammable. As long as it ignites, it is hard to extinguish, thus it is important to check power steering hose leak properly. Then the power steering hose replacement and power steering hose repair can be taken action in time.

How should we inspect the Power Steering Hose SAE J188 properly?

To inspect the power steering hose, firstly we can check the color of the fluid. If the fluid turns to be gray or black, it might be caused by the abrasion of inner tube. The discoloration might mean that the hose’s tube is compromised by worn and degraded, due to the rubber or metal particles caused the discoloration. When we inspect of power steering hoses, we should carefully inspect whether the hose has following signals, abrasions, bulges, crackings, corrosion, softness and leakage. If we notice any of the listed signals, we should replace the power steering hoses immediately.

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