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In recent years, the industrial hose develops very fast. At present, the annual growth rate of the hose in China has reached 10%. Thus it ranks at the forefront of the world’s industry. However, there are a series of problems after the growth. The hose market is huge. Thus both large and small companies want to make a profit from it. Thus it cause the industrial develops without standard. Besides, in order to occupy the market, hose dealers face the vicious competition. Then this makes the quality of hoses overall decline. Due to the lack of tech, the volume of high-tech hose is small.

Industrial Chemical Hose

Good trends of industrial hose in China

The hose industry in China developed rapidly in the past decade. While the quantity and variety have increased a lot. In addition, there are also various good choices for reinforce materials. The texture of the basic steel wire and fiber can meet the needs in China. The industrial hoses have already entered the industrial production mode. At the same time, they are very close to the level of industrial hoses in the world.

industrial water hose

Problems that China industrial hose industry faces

It is easy to get started with industrial hose. Thus compared with others, suppliers in the such industry aware less about the brand. Besides, the scale of the company is small, and the means of marketing are also very simple. Many companies neglect the product quality of industrial hoses. Thus some of them in the market have entered a strange business cycle. Business revenue and customer are greatly reduced.

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