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Introduction of the brake systems: hydraulic brake system & air brake system

If you have no idea about the cars’ structure, I have to tell you most brakes are located at the cars’ wheels. The brake principle is basically the force you exert to the brake pedal will transmit to the brakes to make it work. There are mainly two ways to transmit the force, which are hydraulic brake system and air brake system. Therefore, there are two types of rubber brake hose that aim for these two systems.

One is rubber brake hose SAE J1401. This one acts as a pressure transmitted for auto hydraulic brake system. Hydraulic brake systems are the main systems that are widely used in passenger vehicles and light trucks. The brake fluid is used for transmit pressure force in hydraulic brake systems. While the drivers press the brake pedal, the force will immediately transmit to the wheels. The other is rubber brake hose SAE J1402. This is designed for applying in air brake systems of truck, lorry, and other heavy duty vehicles. Air brake systems use compressed air to exert the force to the wheels. Due to it needs a certain time to transfer the compressed air from one part to another part of the air brake system, thus there will be a split-second delay that can not avoid in air brake system.

Specification of rubber brake hose SAE J1401 and SAE J1402

Rubber brake hose SAE J1401 is designed for transmit hydraulic pressure from the brake pipes to the wheels and brake calipers. The brake system is critical for the driving safety of a car. This is the reason why the brake hose has to be repaired immediately when there is any fault or damage. SAE J1401 brake hose’s tube is made of special rubber formula, which compatibility with brake fluid is perfect, and reinforced by high tensile braided fiber. The cover is made of synthetic rubber. SAE J1401 brake hose has high pressure resistance, being able to withstand 100 bar working pressure. The common sizes are 1/8 inch brake hose and 3/16 inch brake hose.

brake hose

Rubber brake hose SAE J1402 is designed for air brake systems. The tube is made of EPDM rubber, which has excellent performance on ozone resistance. The reinforcement is high tensile braided fibers. And the cover is also made of EPDM compound, which is abrasion and weather resistant. Brake hose SAE J1402 can take the temperature from -40 ℃ to 121℃. The sizes are 1/4 inch brake hose, 5/16 inch brake hose, 3/8 inch brake hose, and 1/2 inch brake hose. It can take 1.1 MPa working pressure. If you need Rubber brake hose SAE J1401 or brake hose SAE J1402, you can send us, Orientflex, your demands and requirements, we will satisfy all your needs and provide good price for you.

When you realize the break hoses are needed replacement?

For the rubber brake hoses, there is a visual inspection should be done at first to make sure there is no cracks, damage, bubbles, wet patches, bulges, or any other damage signs. Or the hose can be checked with hands to feel whether there are any swollen or soft parts of the hoses. If there are any signs that you are aware of, the brake hoses should be replaced immediately.

One last question: rubber brake hose and stainless steel brake hose, which one is better?

We are rubber brake hose manufacturer, but do not worry, we will not say all the advantages of rubber brake hoses and all the drawbacks of stainless steel brake hose. It will be fair and simple. If you want the best price meanwhile ensure the quality, choose rubber brake hose. However, of course, there are some advantages of more expensive stainless steel brake hoses. They are stronger than rubber. Stainless steel is better at corrosion and UV resistance. Stainless steel has no expansion, thus stainless steel hose can maintain the strength of heavy pressure. Someone like stainless steel hoses’ appearance, especially when they are applied for motorcycles. In conclusion, if you prefer economical and dependable choice, choose rubber brake hose; if you prefer stainless steel brake hoses’ look and stronger performance, choose stainless steel brake hose.

Orientflex will always stand by your side, and be the most reliable supplier for your PVC and rubber hose needs.

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