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In the last piece, we learned the structure of high pressure water hose. While this time let’s talk about the feature and usage of fabric rubber hose.

Smooth fabric rubber hose has great property

Light in weight. The fabric hose is made of light weight material. Thus it is easy to carry and install.

Soft. Such rubber hose is highly flexible. Thus it can adapt to various bending and twisting conditions.

Pressure resistant. The smooth reinforced hose can bear certain pressure. Thus it is ideal for heavy duty use. For example, the hydraulic work.

rubber water hose

Temp proof. Such fabric hose has a wide range of working temp. It can work normally in high temp environments. Besides, it remains flexible in cold weather.

Wear resistant. The fabric rubber hose can work at harsh conditions. While you do not have to worry about the wear problem.

Corrosion proof. The smooth surface hose can resist the erosion of various chemicals.

Safe and reliable. Smooth fabric hose has good sealing. Thus it can prevent liquid leakage and ensure work safety.

fabric rubber hose

Application of rubber hose

Smooth cloth-coated hoses are widely used in mining, petroleum, ship and other fields.

In machinery, such hose is to connect hydraulic pumps and actuators to transmit hydraulic energy.

In mining, it is to transport mineral oil, water and other medias.

While in metallurgical machinery, it can transport high temp molten metal.

In the petrochemical industry, the rubber hose is to transport various chemical liquids.

In ship building, it can transport fuel, lubricant and other medias.

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