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Corrugated metal hose, also known as corrugated compensator. It is a metal hose that can withstand pressure and resist impact. It is mainly used in high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-corrosion environments such as aerospace and petrochemical industries. Corrugated metal hose achieves excellent pressure resistance and impact resistance through its corrugated design.

corrugated metal hose

Features of corrugated metal hose

Good pressure resistance

The corrugated design of corrugated metal hose gives it good pressure resistance and can withstand high internal pressure.

Strong impact resistance

Corrugated metal hose has strong impact resistance and can effectively resist external impact.

Suitable for high temperature and high pressure environments

Corrugated metal hose is made of special materials and processes. And it is suitable for high temp and high pressure conditions.

Compensation ability

Corrugated metal hose can compensate for pipe displacement caused by temperature changes, mechanical vibration and other factors.

Plastic coated metal hose

Plastic coated metal hose is a composite pipe in which it is wrapped in a plastic layer. It combines the strength of metal pipes with the corrosion and wear resistance of plastic pipe. Therefore, it is widely used in wire and cable, automobile wiring harness, etc.

flexible metal pipe

Features of plastic coated metal hose

Excellent protective property

The plastic protective layer of has good corrosion and wear resistance. Therefore, it can protect the cable from external damage.

High strength

The metal core of the plastic coated metal hose has high strength. Thus it can withstand greater traction and pressure.

Good flexibility

Such metal hose is flexible and can maintain stable performance under bending, folding, etc.

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