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In the rainy season, it rains frequently. While in city or some low position areas, there will be flood disaster. If don’t discharge the water, it will cause huge problem to human. In city, the flood cause vehicles can’t pass through. Besides, it will damage the base and building. Sanitary is also a huge problem. Because flood brings the dirt to anywhere. Thus the disease can spread out with the water. While in country, the flood cause farmer can’t seed on time. What’s more, it may cause total crop failure. On such occasion, the large size flat hose comes in.

What is the large size flat hose?

In fact, there are kinds of flat hose suitable for water discharge. Like PVC layflat hose and rubber lined layflat hose. However, we Orientflex recommend you PU lined layflat hose. PU flat hose absorbs long polyester yarn and lined with PU. It’s light in weight and easy to use and recycle. It has a small volume, even with a large size. For example, 8’’.

flat hose

Why PU flat hose is better?

That’s because of the material and structure. First, PU absorbs long polyester yarn as the raw material. Thus it has better abrasion resistance than normal layflat hose. For example, PVC layflat hose. You can drag it on the ground without worry about the wear.

Second, PU has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. The flood mixes some chemical and other corrosive substances. Besides, there are lots of impurities in the flood. While it may corrode or hurt the normal hose. But you don’t have to worry about this with a PU lined layflat hose.

In the water discharge work, large size hose like 10’’ or 12’’ provides large flow volume. If several or even decades of hoses work together, it can finish the work quickly.

Orientflex is your reliable supplier of layflat hose. Because we absorbs the top grade raw material and reasonable formula. Thus our hose is the most cost-effective. Contact us now and get the best quotation.

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