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Rubber air hose widely serves in high pressure apps such as air compressor and rock drill. Once there was anything wrong, it may cause serious safety problem. For example, a over high pressure will cause hose burst or even fail. Thus you have to take some measures to keep a safe work. While here are some tips for such purpose that you can follow.

Read and Follow Instructions

Supplier will offer guidance to use the air hose correctly. Thus you should follow them to ensure safe and proper usage.

Wear Protective Gear

When working with pneumatic tools connected to a rubber air hose, wear PPE such as safety glasses and gloves. Because they help protect you against potential hazards. Like flying debris, noise and accidental contact with tools.

Inspect the Hose

Before each use, inspect the rubber air hose for any signs of damage, wear or leak. Then check the fittings for proper tightness and integrity. Be aware that do not use a damaged or leaking hose. Because it can cause failure and even serious safety accident.

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Use Proper Fittings

Ensure that the fittings used with the rubber air hose are secure. While you can use proper tools, such as wrench or pliers to tighten the fittings.

Use Adequate Hose Length

Don’t stretch or strain the rubber air hose by using an adequate length. Because that allows for free movement without excessive tension. While this helps prevent the hose from being pulled or snagged during the use.

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