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Food grade flexible hose greatly improves safety and efficiency in food industry. However, many people doubt it. Because they do not know much about food safe tubing. First of all, we need to know that food safe pipe also pasts quality testing. And it can only be sold in the market if it meets national health standards.

What is a food grade flexible hose

Food hose is a flexible tube to deliver food. It has a smooth surface. Thus the food deliver can be highly effective. Food grade hose pipe has a wide range of use. It’s mainly for beverage, medicine, food process, etc. For example, in a dairy, it need a food pipe to deliver milk.

food safe hose

Common hoses have temp and pressure limits during use. But food hoses, such as PU pipe, can ensure safety at 120℃. At the same time, it can bear higher pressure. For some special use, there can be steel wire inside. Then it can meet high transfer demand. Besides, there will not be pollution during the deliver.

How to choose food industry hoses

First of all, the demand must be clear. If the demand is large, you can order directly from the factory. But choosing a reliable supplier is really important. Because the quality can be different on the market. Once you buy a bad quality hose, it may fail during the work. Worse more, it may pollute the food. Then cause people get ill.

food grade hose pipe

The uses of food hose pipe are different. For example, the hose used in beer factory is to deliver liquid. Besides, there can not have any impact on the color and quality. This requires that the hoses must be food grade. While the ordinary plastic hoses are no longer suitable. If the hose contents toxic or other harmful substances, don’t use it for food purpose.

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