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In food industry, we need hoses to transfer raw material and liquid such as milk, powder and juice. However, the hose must be food grade. Because general industrial hoses may release toxic or other harmful substance. Once these pollute the food, it will cause huge loss. What’s more, if the polluted food enters the market, it will cause serious food safety accident. Thus food grade hose is necessary in food industry.

In fact, there are many kinds of food grade hose on the market. By material, they are PVC hose, rubber hose and silicone hose. Here I mainly introduce you 2 types, food grade silicone hose and rubber hose.

Silicone food grade hose

It’s absorbs the platinum vulcanized silicone as the raw material. Such silicone hose meets FDA. Thus it’s safe enough for food use. Silicone has the best temp resistance among the plastic and rubber materials. It can work at -70℃-250℃ without any bad result. Besides, it will not release any smell even when work at 250℃.

Smooth inner tube can effectively prevent the germs appear and develop. Besides, it can resist higher pressure and twist. Semi-transparent hose makes you can inspect the flow inside. In addition, it has excellent corrosion resistance. All the factors like chemical, ozone and UV can’t cause any bad effect to it.

silicone vacuum hose

Rubber food grade hose

Rubber food hose absorbs EPDM as the raw material. Then reinforced with high tensile polyester. It’s flexible and light in weight. Thus the operation and maintain become more simple. Special material is safe and sanitary approved. Besides, it can be recycled. Excellent chemical resistance makes it ideal for the usages that require accuracy. Because it can keep the beer, juice and milk clean. But the pressure resistance is not good as silicone hose. It can bear max 150℃.

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