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Fracking Hose

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Fracking Hose

Fracking hose is made from nitrile rubber which has great oil resistance. Then it is reinforced with 6 plies of fabric and steel wire. While it is to deliver fracking fluids.

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Fracking Hose

Tube: Black nitrile rubber, smooth

Reinforcement: 6 Plies of high tensile fabrics, helix steel wire skeleton and antistatic wire

Cover: Weather and abrasion resistant synthetic rubber

Temperature: -32°C to +82°C (-90°F to +180°F)

Application: Designed to transfer hydraulic fracking fluids from tank trucks. And also designed for the demands of high working pressures of hydraulic fracturing operations.

Frack Oilfield Fuel Discharge Hose is specially designed to constantly transfer alternative fuels such as, bio-diesel compounds, ethanol and ethanol compounds.

It can also be used to transfer commercial gasolines, diesel fuels, oils and other petroleum products. It is ideal for tank truck, terminal loading and in-plant operations.

Fracking Hose Features:

Weather and abrasion resistant

Designed for aromatic content up to 50%

Heavy duty construstion for pressure up to 400PSI

Fracking Hose Specification

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