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Fuel Drop Hose

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Fuel Drop Hose

Fuel drop hose has a special structure. The inner tube is nitrile rubber, but the cover is PCV helix. Besides, there is a copper wire which is to conduct the static.

Drop Hose

Tube: Special nitrile rubber

Reinforcement: Rigid PVC helix and embedded grounding wire

Temperature: -20℃ to +65℃(-4˚F to 150˚F)

Application: The fuel drop hose is usded for tank truck gravity drop fuel transfer and frack solution removal

Petrol Drop Hose is constructed with double exclusive PVC helix for superior flexibility, abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and ease handle. It’s light in weight abd designed for higher working pressure and heavy duty applications.

Such nbr fuel hose is suitable for gravity flow and medium suction at ambient temperature. It’s designed to transfer biodiesel, ethanol blends, gasoline and other petroleum products with an aromatic content within 60%.

Fuel Drop Hose Features

Specialty Rubber Compounds – Designde to handle gasoline, diesel, ethanol

Durable Construction – Ddesigned with high tensile strength polyester yarn fabric reinforcement

Easy to Handle – Lighter weight and greater flexibility than conventional rubber drop hose

Grounding Wire – Durable multi-strand copper wires dissipates static electricity

Static Dissipating Tube – Specially formulated to help prevent the static for added safety

Easy Slide Helix – Rigid clockwise helix design protects hose tube from cover wear

Fuel Drop Hose Specification

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