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High temperature ducting hose widely serves in industrial production. Because it completely solves many problems of traditional hoses. In modern industry, the high temp duct hose is a necessary part. As the name suggests, it is a flexible hose pipe that can work at high or low temp. The flexible exhaust hose fully meets the fire protection requirements. Besides, it is easy to bend to any angle. In addition, it can resist corrosion and high temp. What’s more, it can reduce the shock and noise. Thus it has a long service life.

high temperature ducting hose

High temperature ducting hose application

High temp duct hose is ideal for engine exhaust gas extraction. It can deliver strong abrasive solids such as dust and fibers. Besides, it is ideal for highly active media such as steam and smoke. It is the ideal choice for industrial dust removal and extraction as well as chemical industry. In addition, it is used in welding waste fumes extraction. Air conditioning and ventilation are also the main usages. High temp flexible duct hose widely serves in machine room, basement, tunnel, fire smoke exhaust, etc.

flexible duct hose

In a word, high temp ducting hose is mainly for gas exhaust and ventilation. On the market, there are various kinds of such duct hoses. However, the quality is quite different. Thus when you need such a flexible hose to exhaust air, you should choose a high quality hose. Because the low quality hose can not meet the temp requirement. Besides, the service life may not be as long as a high quality one. If you have no idea which one is to choose, welcome to consult Orientflex. We are a hose manufacturer which can offer you high quality and cost-effective ducting hoses. Besides the standard high temp flex duct, we can offer you custom hoses. Then it will suit your special work well. Contact us now and get more information.

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