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Difficulty adhering

Teflon material makes it difficult for sticky substances to adhere to its surface, and even if it adheres, it can be easily removed.

Purpose: Teflon hose is widely used in the transportation of high-viscosity colloids such as gelatin and pectin.

heat resistance

Teflon hose has excellent heat resistance that other hoses do not have. At the same time it can withstand extremely low temperatures.

Continuous use temperature range: -70℃~+260℃ (PTFE)

Purpose: Teflon hose is used for coolant transportation in automobile engines and other machinery (use temperature below -45°C).

Corrosion resistance

Teflon material is extremely inactive to almost all chemicals or solvents. Thus providing corrosion resistance. It has excellent results in chemical delivery applications.

teflon hose


Teflon hose is used to transport corrosive fluids (liquid bromine, formaldehyde, chromic acid, etc.) in chemical production lines.

Water and oil resistance

Teflon material is not easily wetted by almost all liquids, including water and oil, and can be used to prevent stains and keep it clean.

Purpose: Teflon coating is often used for surface protection of analytical instrument components, raw material recovery tanks and other components.

Wear resistance

Teflon material shows excellent wear resistance in bearing heavy load sliding. If combined with electroplating or anodized film, its hardness and wear resistance can be improved at the same time.


Shafts, large water purifier pistons, automobile exhaust parts, wood circular saws, etc.

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