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Do you know the Chinese PVC and rubber hoses manufacturing industry insider? This piece will take you to know the development of hose manufacturing industry and real status of the industry in China, and the industry future forecast.

The industrial hoses manufacturing industry has been developing for more than forty years in China. The rubber hoses industry has become one of the main industries in Chinese rubber industry. By the rapid development of the automobile industries, mining, crude oil exploration, agriculture irrigation, marine chemical industries, construction projects, etc., the demand of various hoses has significantly increased from all over the world. Furthermore, due to the industrial hoses are belonging to the industrial consumables, the demand of hoses for various applications is continuous. Around 25 years ago, Chinese hoses production process has started to be closer to international standards. The increased demand of industrial hoses promotes the continuous improvement and innovation of traditional hose production process, technology, equipment, standards and structure. A number of hoses manufacturing organizations appeared with advanced equipment and production technology.

Hoses manufacturing industry are developing based on the market demands. Since twenty-first century, the industrial hose manufacturing related industries such as machinery production, food and beverage delivery, industrial constructions, mining, etc. have more strict requirements on hoses productions with concerned of the wear resistant, UV resistant, corrosion resistant performances. The demand of the rubber hoses has a strict limitation on the raw material content specially the potential carcinogen content. Thus, the hoses’ production has been promoting, including raw material adoption and the production technology, to comply with the new standards and demands.

abrasive blasting hose

China holds the international industrial hose manufacturing and application exhibitions each year. The related industrial hose manufacturing exhibitions are based on ‘internationalization, authority, and specialization’ requirements to be held, these exhibitions invite industrial hoses manufacturers from all over the world to exhibit new equipment, new technologies, new production processes to help the hose industries’ leaders to fully comprehend the integrated development and future development trends of the global hoses manufacturing industries.

China holding the industrial hose manufacturing exhibitions benefits on a broad exchange and trading platform for the integrated development of the entire hose manufacture and trade chain in China and the world. These exhibitions promote the technology upgrading in Chinese industrial hoses to realize the sustainable development in the hoses manufacturing industries. Orientflex has progressed on this background, we are frequent visitors of the Canton Fair in the hose industry related exhibitions. We continue to improve our manufacturing technology and professional services. We keep working hard towards our vision: to be the first choice of comprehensive hoses service provider in China, to create a one-stop procurement platform for the hose industry for the clients from all over the world.

fuel hose J30 R6

Currently, hose manufacturing and exporting are facing many strict challenges from macro environment, including the price increasing trend of the raw materials, exchange rate fluctuations, the price increase in sea freight, the delay of transportation time in special period, etc. But we believe Chinese hose manufacture and export industries will develop in a long term by leaps and bounds. Please witness with us.

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