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Hot Air Blower Hose

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Hot Air Blower Hose

Hot air blower hose is the necessary part of a air blower. It can deliver high temperature air hose. While the temperature can be 149℃, shortly can reach 177℃.

Hot Air Blower Hose

Tube: Black EPDM
Reinforcement: Multiple plies of polyester tire cord with wire helix
Cover: Black and heat resistant EPDM
Temperature: -35°C to +149°C ( -30°F to +300°F ), up to +177°C ( 325°F ) intermittently
Application: Designed to transfer hot air to tanks on dry bulk material trucks

Hot Air Hose For Blower is a special hose only for the bulk transport in tank truck industry. This hose is typically made from high grade EPDM rubber to resist high temperature. EPDM rubber is not suitable to transfer gasoline or oil, so it can not be confused with the petroleum transport in tank truck industry.

Hot Air Blower Hose Features:

EPDM tube and cover with high heat resistance

Excellent flexibility, anti aging

All sizes are full vacuum

Not for steam service

Hot Air Blower Hose Specification

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