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Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose

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Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose

Hot tar & asphalt hose is one of the most used flexible hose in construction. While it is to transfer hot tar and asphalt in the road construction. Orientflex offers you the most cost-effective hot tar hose with unique one-stop service. Thus you can also get the relevant tar hose fittings here. Then you can save much time and money.

Tube: Black, smooth, special elastmoer compound

Reinforcement: Two or four layers of high tensile cords with antistatic steel wires helix

Cover: Black, wrapped finish, elastomer compound for high abrasion, ozone & weather resistant

Temperature: -40℃ to +180℃ ( -22℉ to +356℉ )

Application: Hot tar and alphalt suction hose is specially designed for conveying hot tar and asphalt.

Hot Tar Hose And Asphalt Hose are rugged high temperature hoses designed for transfer of asphalt, tar, glues, wax and hot oils. The oil resistant synthetic rubber tube is formulated for abrasion and hot temperature resistance.

The sealcoating hose is constructed with textile and wire reinforcement to provide kink resistance. The rubber cover is ozone and oil resistant. 150 PSI version available in some sizes for heavy applications.

Hot Tar Asphalt Hose Features

Tube is made from synthetic rubber and resistant to oil, abrasion and heat

Cover is resistant to weather and abrasion

Tube is heat resistant up to 180℃

All sizes are full vacuum

Hot Tar And Asphalt Hose Specification

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