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Importance to judge the quality of clear steel wire reinforced pvc hose

For satisfying the operational needs for various industries, the demand for reinforced suction hoses has increased by time. Thus, there are many reinforced hose manufacturers in China, however the quality is very different. How to judge the quality of various clear PVC suction hoses has become an important question to figure out by the purchase team. This piece aims to provide several useful methods for the buyers to judge the quality to avoid unnecessary cost waste.

Professional quality inspection equipment

If your company has the professional equipment, you can test the steel wire reinforced vacuum hose’s heat deformation temperature, softening point, chroma, turbidity, withstanding working pressure, burst pressure, halogen, nitrate content, and tensile strength to judge the quality of the steel wire spring hose. However in the most of situations, the organizations do not have such professional equipment to test. In this circumstance, we can judge the quality by visual observation, smell, and touch.

PVC fibre reinforced hose

How to judge the quality when without specialized equipment

You can observe whether the wall thickness of the steel wire tube is uniform. The uneven thickness of the tube wall would cause the breakage in use, easily burst, and shortens the serve life of PVC flexible wire hoses. Secondly, high quality steel wire reinforced hose should be transparent and tasteless unless you required it to be colorful. On the contrary, low-quality PVC hose raw material doped with impurities. The tube wall is fuzzy, and opaque. Thirdly, you can observe if there are bubbles on the tube wall under good lighting conditions. Fourthly, the smell of good quality steel wire reinforced vacuum hose is small, on the contrary, the smell of inferior quality steel wire hose is pungent especially in a high temperature working conditions. Fifthly, you can take a section of steel wire from the hose to check whether it is easy to break, and inspect the steel wire’s tensile strength.

Choosing the right PVC hose supplier

Overall, quality steel wire spring hoses have smooth inner and outer walls, and the reinforced steel wires are evenly wound. As a steel steel wire reinforced pvc hose supplier, we have strict quality inspection system on the raw material, production process, final product quality control, packaging, etc. We have manufactured and exported our metal reinforced hoses to many countries. Our food grade PVC steel wire hose earned its reputation and positive comments from our buyers. If you require PVC spiral steel wire reinforced hose, you can purchase from us, we can guarantee the good quality PVC hoses for your project. Looking forwards cooperation.

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