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In traditional agriculture, people absorb the broad irrigation method to watering their farmland. But it wastes much of water and cause underground water overusing. What’s more, it cause huge damage to the environment. But with the development of agricultural technology, this situation has been changed.

Nowadays, advanced irrigation methods replace the old ones entirely. The common modern irrigation methods include layflat hose irrigation, spray irrigation and drop irrigation. But no matter which one you choose, there is a common thing that layflat hose is necessary. Here comes the question, how to choose a proper layflat hose?

First, let’s learn how many types of layflat hose there are.

The general layflat hoses in agriculture are PVC layflat hose, TPU layflat hose, plastic coating laylfat hose and TUP drag hose.

PVC layflat hose is the most used hose in irrigation, because it’s lightweight and flexible. Besides, it’s very easy to recycle and restore. What’s more, there are four types of PVC layflat hose for different pressure requirements, light duty, standard duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

TUP layflat hose resists wear, gouging and tear. Besides, it has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance. These great properties make the hose suitable to transfer fertilizer.

TUP drag hose  is a special layflat hose. It can connect to tractors and drag on the ground, because the material TPU provides it extra abrasion resistance. It’s commonly used to transfer water and fertilizer from long distance.

layflat water hose

How to choose proper layflat hose

You should buy the hose from reliable supplier for long working life. The more famous the brand is, the better it will be. The most important is that the layflat hose should fit your working condition. That’s to say the pressure rate, size and connectors should meet your pump and other equipment.

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