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We all agree that if you choose an inappropriate hydraulic hoses for your industries, the cost is not only the cost of purchasing the hydraulic hoses, but also it might cause the failure of the whole hydraulic system and damage the relevant equipment. The extra charge on repair or even change the expensive equipment, the expenditure on operation and the waste of labour cost should be all counted to our cost. Therefore, you should carefully choose the most appropriate hoses for your industrial needs. There are some factors that you need to consider when you want to purchase a right hydraulic hoses. Actually for most of hoses, these several factors all fit in.

The first factor: required working pressure. Actually, you definitely know about the regular working pressure needed for the hydraulic hoses if you worked in hydraulic fluids related industries. However, you also need to consider about the potential pressure exerts to the hydraulic hoses in use, the temperature of the conveying medium like the hydraulic fluids, the working environment, etc. Clearly know about the information can help you choose the right type and reinforcement of the hydraulic hoses. Secondly, you should think about operation environment. To talk about the environment, you need to consider but not limited to whether the hose will be exposed to UV rays, ozone, or contact with oils, acids, alkali, etc. In addition, you ought to consider the conveying medium, the flow rate, required hose flexibility, etc. If you choose us, Orientflex to be your hydraulic hoses supplier, we can help you to consider all of these factors to find the most appropriate hydraulic hoses.

high pressure hydraulic hose

Finally, at the end of the piece, let me introduce you our hydraulic hose SAE 100 R4. The inner tube and outer cover of the hydraulic hose SAE 100 R4 are made of synthetic nitrile rubber, same as R1, R2, and R3, the difference is hydraulic hose SAE 100 R4 reinforced by 2 layers of 4 layers of synthetic textile and embed helix steel wire. The working temperature of the hydraulic oil hose SAE 100 R4 is from -40 ℃ to 100 ℃. The size is from 19 mm to 89 mm. It can be used for hydraulic oil suction, but it can not undertake too high working pressure. If you need any types of hydraulic hoses, welcome to contact us for more information.

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