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Rubber hose is a necessary material in our daily life and production. However, there are many kinds of hoses on the market. Sometimes you may not sure what the differences among them and can’t decide which one to buy. Next let me introduce you the classification of rubber hoses in structure.

According to the structure, there are fabric wrapped hose, braid hose, spiral hose, knitted hose and special hose.

Fabric wrapped hose

Fabric wrapped hose is the hose that absorb the rubber covered fibre as the reinforcement. According to different working conditions and working pressures, the fabric and layer could be different for special use. If not increase the reinforcement layer but want better pressure resistance, you can use a metal spiral cover the hose outside. However, it becomes a new hose, armoured fabric wrapped hose. The typical fabric wrapped hose is GOST rubber water hose and furnace hose.

industrial rubber hoses

Braid hose

Braid hose take wires (fibre or metal) as the reinforcement and braid them. Thus this kind of hose called braid hose. According to the wires, it has two types. One is fibre braid and the other is metal wire braid. The fibre could be yarn, cotton or other synthetic fibre as well as chemical fibre. While the metal braid hose is most steel wire. Besides, it can insert copper wire to prevent the static. Moreover, it has higher pressure resistance. Typical braid hoses are garden hose and silicone hose.

Spiral hose

The reinforcement of this hose is wires spiral (fibre or steel wire). The property of spiral hose and production efficiency are better than the braid hose with the same material. Typical spiral hoses are suction hose and duct hose.

Knitted hose

The reinforcement of knitted hose are also fibre or steel wire. But the technology is knit.

High pressure rubber hose

Special hose

Besides above hoses, there are many kinds of hoses with different structures. Because they are used in heavy duty and special work conditions, they have various structures. Typical special hoses are slurry hose, peristaltic hose, floating marine hose and drilling hose.

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