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Vacuum cleaner is more and more popular nowadays. Because it can bring us great convenience. In another hand, it can increase the quality our living life. But most of us do not pay much attention to cleaning them. But in fact, you should clean the vacuum hose and the cleaner regularly. Otherwise it will affect the effect and service life of the cleaner.

So how do we clean the vacuum cleaner?

It is very simple to clean the surface of the cleaner. You can just use a wet rag to wipe off the dust on the surface. For stubborn stains that can not be wiped off, you can use detergent to wipe it until it is smooth.

Vacuum Cleaner Tube

But how should we clean the car wash hose?

This problem often stumps many users. In fact, the most convenient way to clean the vacuum cleaner hose is to rinse it directly with water. Since the vacuum cleaner hose will come into contact with a lot of dirt, it is much dirtier than the surface. Because it has many wrinkles, it is much more difficult to clean than other parts of the vacuum cleaner. So that it becomes a key part for the trap of dirt.

When you clean the cleaner hose,the first step is flush it with the water from faucet. After the first rinse, you can soak the hose in water with detergent for about an hour. So that the dirt inside becomes loose and even falls off on its own. After this step, you can rinse the vacuum hose vigorously with the faucet. After these three steps, the hose will be clean.

Above are the methods to clean a vacuum hose. And hope those can help you. If you have any questions about the cleaner hose, welcome to consult Orientflex. We will offer you the best solution.

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