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In the last piece, we learned the aging problem of silicone hose. Many factors can cause silicone tubing age. Then how to deal with the problem?

Use high quality raw materials

Ensure the raw material quality of silicone tubes. Because raw material determines Choose silicone raw materials with high purity and uniform molecular weight distribution. This can effectively reduce the aging speed.

braided silicone tubing

Store away from light

Try to avoid exposing the silicone tube to sunlight for long periods of time. Choose light-blocking containers when storing. During the production, you can use light-shielding material to wrap it.

Antioxidant treatment

Perform antioxidant treatment on silicone tubes, such as adding antioxidant, UV absorber, etc. This can improve the antioxidant property of the silicone tube and delay aging.

Improve production process

Optimize the production process of silicone hose. This is to improve the thermal stability and compression deformation resistance of the pipe. For example, high temp curing and low temp molding can reduce the aging speed.

silicone reinforced hose

Reasonable selection of additives

In the production process of silicone tubes, rational selection of additives, such as anti-wear agents, can improve the performance of silicone tubes and reduce the aging rate.

Strict product quality inspection

Strengthen the quality inspection of silicone tubes to ensure that products meet relevant standards. Conduct strict inspections on incoming raw materials, production processes and finished products. And discover problems in time to ensure product quality.

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