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PVC hose as a good material widely serves for food, water supply and many other. It is a good pipeline for air, water, gas, oil lamp and other liquid and gas. And it can work in the range of -10℃-+65℃. PVC tube is clear in the most cases. And the transparency of it also concerns the quality. Thus in general, we can regard a transparent PVC pipe as a good hose. How to improve that?

pvc transparent hsoe

PVC resin

A good quality PVC hose requires high whiteness and good thermal stability of the resin. Besides, you should choose loose resin. Because it has a rough surface, porous interior, good oil absorption than compact resin. On the premise of meeting the mechanical property, use the resins with lower molecular weight.


The amount and type of plasticizer determine the softness, elasticity and low temp resistance of soft PVC. Besides, it also reduce the melting temp and melt viscosity of PVC. Thereby lower its molding processing temp.

steel wire reinforced PVC hose

Heat stabilizer

It requires heat and weather resistance as well as ease of processing for the stabilizer. In addition, you should also focus on its transparency. Organotin ones are ideal for PVC products. But they are more expensive. Metal soap ones such as zinc stearate are the popular.

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