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The picture shows our brake hoses manufacturing factory. We, Orientflex, are professional on manufacturing various types of hoses. The auto rubber hoses and silicone hoses applied in vehicles are one of our main hose products. You can see the production environment for the brake hose, and our people will cut the brake hose intro the short length the clients required. If you need rubber brake hoses, you need to find the good supplier, like us. We have good production capacity to satisfy all your requires.

We can provide both rubber brake hose SAE J1401 for hydraulic brake system, and rubber brake hose SAE J1402 for air brake system. We manufactured rubber brake hose SAE J1401 is with a vertical ribbed surface. Of course we also manufacture other types of hoses which used in vehicle applications, including rubber fuel hose, rubber heater hose, rubber conditioner hose, oil cooler hose, power steering hose, EPDM radiator hose, air intake hose, seal strip, dust cover, etc. We have OEM service for our silicone hoses. As long as you provide the drawings and sizes information, we can produce and supply to you. The common packaging for the brake hoses is with plastic films and carton packaging.

brake hose

Our rubber brake hose SAE J1401 has two layers of high tensile braided fiber reinforcement. We only manufacture high quality brake hoses. We manufactured rubber brake hoses for hydraulic brake system can withstand 100 bar working pressure. Some suppliers might provide one layer braided fibre reinforcement brake hose, which might be cheaper but it can not withstand such high working pressure. Two layer braided fibre reinforced brake hose can last a longer working life. We only suggest choose the quality one. We manufactured brake hoses have good pressure resistance performance, low volume expansion, good flexibility, anti-aging, good brake fluid compatibility. You can trust our quality, we manufacture and export to our clients in many countries. If you need any auto rubber hoses, welcome to contact us.

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