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In order to prevent the problem of union failure, the suppliers must strengthen the quality inspection. Besides, they should improve product quality and safety awareness. We all clearly know that unions often serves in industrial production. While there will be some problems during use. In fact, there are many reasons that cause failure. Then how to solve these common problems?

First of all, we need to improve product safety awareness for the union 

The hammer union is a system part, not a raw material. Thus people often ignore the quality. While this is the basic reason why the quality hammer union fitting has not improved for a long time. Therefore, we should strengthen the publicity of the role of the union fittings. More important, we need to improve the safety awareness for hammer union.

hammer union fitting

Second, hammer union factory must pay attention to the quality. Currently, there are not many regular companies with the ability to conduct hose inspection. The operating steps of hose inspection instruments are expensive. Thus factories do not have the technology and financial strength to purchase. Tire union producers lack formal and effective inspection methods. Besides, there is no way to strengthen production management.

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