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The hose industry is booming. While NBR, EPDM, UPE, PTFE and other materials are constantly emerging. Thus many special industries can find the suitable hoses. As a one-stop supplier of flexible hose and coupling, Orientflex offer you the cost-effective hoses. Then how many types of industrial hose are there?

There are mainly 5 categories

Air hose

Air pipe is ideal for many usages such as rock drill and screw air mining machine. The use requires high pressure resistance. Thus there will be a reinforce inside the hose. While the reinforce can be fibre or steel wire. At the same time, the rubber air hose must be ozone and weather resistant. So that they can serve for a longer period of time.

air hose high pressure

Chemical hose

Chemical hose often serves for various solvent such as acid and alkali. The hose has good acid and alkali resistance. While EPDM, UPE, PTFE and FEP have such property. Thus common chemical hose adopts them as the raw material. Besides these common hoses, Orientflex offers you UHMWPE pipe. While such pipe has much better corrosion resistance than the common ones.

Water hose

Water pipe is ideal for a wide range of use such as irrigation, fire fighting, drainage, etc. The water convey hose itself should be water proof. Besides, such industrial hose must also have a certain degree of acid and alkali resistance. In general, PVC steel wire hose and EPDM rubber are better.

industrial water hose

Steam hose

Flexible steam hose is to transport high temp steam. At the same time, it is to ensure that the steam will not condense into water. This requires the hose itself to have strong high temp resistance and the ability to work stably for a long time at high temp. EPDM rubber is a stable material with strong high temp resistance.

Food hose

Food hose is a very important hose product in the food and medical industries. Usually it should pass the US FDA or the EU DM. Liquid foods like juice, milk, and wine are what we drink. So food safety is very important.

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