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First connect both ends of the high pressure water hose to the water source. Then seal them with sealing gaskets. Ensure that the tightening force is proper and not too tight or too loose.

Lay the water pipe along the predetermined route. Usually they should be laid in order from low to high to avoid reverse slopes. At the same time, focus on the bending degree and length of the pipeline.

During the laying process, the pipe should be stable to avoid distortion or shaking. Brackets or fixtures can aid specific pipes.

After that, make a pressure test to check if there are leaks or other problems in the pipeline. While when you do such test, make sure it is safe. Because high pressure water may cause safety accident.

Last, clean the entire system to ensure the medical and safety of the system.

high pressure water hose

Advantages of high pressure water water hose

It has great pressure and corrosion resistance. Thus it is suitable for the water deliver in various conditions. Besides, it is easy to install and maintain. Then you can save much time and money to use it.

Application fields steel wire water pipe

Hydraulic: used for reservoir, channel and water diversion channel to transport water

Farmland irrigation field: used to transport water in farmland irrigation system

Urban water supply field: used to transport water sources in urban water supply systems

Industrial field: used in chemical, steel, paper and other industries for water supply

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