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Have you heard that even your LPG hose looks fine to continuously use, it should be replaced by a new one every five years. Because the inside damage is invisible. In reality, there are many people who use the common air hose as the LPG hose. If the air hose has poorer quality, it might be easy to crack, and its performance on anti-aging is not good. Thus, Orientflex recommends you to use the professional hoses for your specific purposes.

Rubber LPG hoses are designed for the transmission of LPG, why not choose more precise products? Rubber LPG/propan/gas hoses’ tube is black and smooth nitrile synthetic rubber, reinforced by high strength braided synthetic yarns. The cover is synthetic rubber or chloroprene, which has an excellent performance on abrasion resistance. The sizes are from 3/16″ to 1/2″. The LPG hoses can withstand 300 PSI working pressure. The burst pressure is three times of the working pressure.

LPG hoses are widely used for commercial and family gas cooker oven, the connection of gas system of industrial device. The rubber LPG hoses can be used for transferring LPG, CNG, CH4, etc. Our LPG hoses have ISO3821 and EN559 certifications and compliant with related standard. It represents our products are guaranteed the quality and safety. Compared with PVC material, rubber can withstand lower temperatures. The rubber LPG hose can work under the temperature between -32 ℃ to 80 ℃. In addition, rubber LPG hoses are flexible and less distortion.

air hose high pressure

Even the good quality hoses’ serve life will be reduced by terrible operation environment, there are a few tips that can protect your LPG hoses. Firstly, we suggest you regularly check your gas hoses whether have signs of brittleness and cracks or not by visual check. Secondly, for extending your hoses’ serve life you should try to avoid violently treat gas hoses such as dragging it on the ground. Thirdly, you should keep the LPG hoses away from direct sunlight.

Take examples, the chemical hoses can resist the corrosion by chemicals, however it is still needed to clean the chemical hoses regularly. Some of the hoses are anti-UV, but it is better to keep them away from direct sunlight. This is not because the hoses’ quality is poor. We would use the extreme conditions to do the quality test and control. But as the users, you definitely wish the hoses serve your project a longer time. This is why we provide some suggestions. The rubber LPG hoses’ cover is anti-abrasion, however if the hoses’ cover is frequently rubbed, it also will be damage.

If your industries need gas hoses, please tell us your application purpose and your using scenario, we will use our professional knowledge to recommend the most suitable hoses for you and provide the most competitive price.

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