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From the gardening households’ reviews, we often hear the complains for the PVC garden hose’s service life is short. Is it true? Indeed, there are definitely some inferior hose pipes in the market on sale. And people consider it is cheap then they fell into the trap. In addition, the service life of PVC garden hose also depends on the using environment and whether the users are taking care of it. This piece will say something for the PVC garden hose pipe, and give some suggestions on how should users protect garden hoses to make them last a longer working life.

Introduction of garden hoses

As a garden hoses manufacturer, Orientflex, we can tell you the best garden hose will not be wear and fail too quick. The best quality PVC garden hoses will last a long working life. The heavy duty garden hoses are made of PVC material with high tensile polyester fibre reinforcement. Of course, if you require heavy duty garden hose, you can choose two reinforcement layers, or anti-torsion knitted high tensile polyester reinforcement, which we can call it kink free garden hose. The garden hose will be able to take higher working pressure and anti-kink. The size range for the garden hoses is from 3/8 inch to 1 inch. It is understandable that the larger garden hose size, the smaller working pressure withstood. For purchasing durable PVC garden hoses, you should choose the right supplier, we put our best efforts on quality control. We only cooperate with the best quality raw material supplier, thus our 50m garden hose is anti-abrasion, anti-UV, non toxic, no odor, lightweight, flexible, meanwhile it is economical choice. The garden hose can be made as any color you like, whatever you need to buy brown garden hose, green garden hose, or yellow garden hose.

pvc garden hose pipe

Some useful suggestions on garden hose’s protection

Before using the PVC garden pipe, please confirm whether there are any abnormalities in the appearance of the PVC garden hoses, such as extra injury, hardening, softening, discoloration, etc. If there is any these signals, you should repair or change your garden hose. After using the PVC garden pipe, please remove the residue inside the PVC garden hose. Please keep it indoors or in a dark and ventilated place. Do not store the PVC garden hose when it is bent.

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