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Do you know how much about the hydraulic hoses? We Orientflex is professional hydraulic oil hoses manufacturer. Our clients who purchased hydraulic hoses from us are from all over the world. We provide one-stop supply service of hydraulic hoses and hydraulic hoses fittings. We have rich experience on manufacturing and communication with our various countries’ clients. Thus, if you have any needs or concerns about hydraulic hoses, we have a professional team can help you. If you are familiar with the hydraulic hoses industry, you may know ‘SAE 100 R’ is the common standard for showing the supplier you required standards for the hydraulic hoses. SAE is abbreviation of the Society of the Automotive Engineers. They designed ‘100 R Series’ to represent various hydraulic hoses’ construction and application. This piece is going to introduce SAE 100 R9 hydraulic hose’s construction, application, size range, working temperature, etc.

hydraulic hose SAE 100 R9

The SAE 100 R9 hydraulic oil hose is constructed by inner tube, reinforcement, and outer cover. The inner tube of the SAE 100 R9 hydraulic oil hose is made of nitrile synthetic rubber, which is oil resistant, and reinforced by four layers of spiral steel wire. The outer cover is also nitrile synthetic rubber, which has good performance on weather and oil resistance. The SAE 100 R9 hydraulic oil hose is widely applied for transferring hydraulic fluids, but please note that the hydraulic hoses can not convey diesel fuel. The SAE 100 R9 hydraulic oil hose can work under the temperature between -40 ℃ to 100 ℃. The size range is from 10 mm to 51 mm. And the maximum withstanding working temperature is from 17.5 MPa to 28 MPa. If you are in need of any ‘100 R Series’ hydraulic hoses, you can send us your requirements, we will provide our best service and high quality hydraulic hoses for your needs.

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