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As the name suggests, the oil hose fitting is a metal joint installed on the oil pipe pipeline. You can often see this kind of oil hose connector in the oil circuits of hydraulic equipment, oil pumps, etc. Let me take a look at the models of oil hose fitting.

Most of the oil pipe joints use crimp-type hose joints. This crimp-type hose joint can be divided into a three-piece set, including a nut, a core, and a sleeve (sleeve).

oil hose fitting

It can be seen from the structural model that the crimp-type oil pipe joints can be divided into straight-through, 45 degree, and 90 degree types. On this basis, the threads, core head types, and sealing forms of each joint constitute a variety of models and specifications. of oil pipe joints. Oil pipe joint models have complete size standards from the in Orientflex, including applicable hose diameter and other parameters.

When we choose oil pipe joints, we should determine the oil pipe joint model based on the diameter of the oil pipe pipe and the connection method. In terms of material selection, stainless steel is the main choice. Carbon steel plated with white zinc and colored zinc is mainly for anti-corrosion and long-term use. It is rust-proof, so if you want more stable use for a long time, you can use stainless steel.

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