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On Jan. 18th, 2024, it’s the traditional Laba festival. Orientflex prepares Laba rice congee and many other foods for the staff.

What is Laba Festival

Laba Festival is on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. It’s the day that the leader of Buddhism Sakyamuni get the moral. In order to memorize this event, the Buddhists get together on this day and make the congee. And this dates from 1500 years ago. With the time goes on, it become a folk activity.

After the twelfth lunar month it will be the spring festival. Thus there is a old saying goes that “it’s the Chinese new year after the Laba Festival”.  

Orientflex prepares the Laba porridge

Special food for the Laba Festival

On the Laba Festival, there are various delicious foods. The first is the most famous Laba rice congee. Such congee is made from rice, grain, peanut, corn, red date, etc and it is really delicious. On this day, all the temples will prepare Laba congee and share it with the people.

Second is the Laba vinegar and Laba garlic. When the Laba festival comes, it means the spring festival is coming soon. In the north part of China, people will soak garlic into the vinegar. 3 weeks later, they can eat the garlic in the spring festival.

Orientflex celebrate the Laba Festival

On the special festival, Orientflex prepares lots of foods and snacks for staff. Just enjoy the food and hope every one will be lucky in the new year.

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