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In your daily life, you may bought a low quality nitrile oil resistant hose. For such rubber hose, the inner and outer layers wall are oil resistant rubber. However, the steel wire is too tight or too loose. Besides, the thickness of the hose wall is uneven. In addition, the number of steel wire layers is too few. What’s more, poor air tightness of the outer rubber layer will lead to corrosion of steel wires. Then it will reduce the bearing capacity of the hose. Further it will cause burst in the thin part of the pipe wall. Next, Orientflex will explain to you how to identify the oil resistant hose. I believe that after reading this article, you can distinguish the high quality ones.

fire resistant hose

If you hose has these conditions, it means it is a low quality hose

1. When you pressure the hose, it deforms a lot

2. The air tightness of the outer layer of glue is poor. Then it will cause corrosion of the steel wire

3. The thickness of the hose wall is uneven

4. The steel wire weaving is too tight, too loose or the number of steel wire layers is too few

5. The poor sealing makes high pressure oil to easily enter the steel wire layer. Then it will reduce the service life of the rubber pipe.

6. The adhesion between the rubber layer and the steel wire is poor. Then the hose will not be that strong in structure.

rubber hose for fuel line

In recent years, rubber hose industry develops fast. While there are more and more rubber pipe suppliers. However, the quality of industrial rubber hose is quit different on the market. Thus you have to choose a reliable supplier first. Because only that you can get a high quality and reliable hose. We Orientflex is such a reliable supplier which can offer you the best solution. Contact us now and get more details.

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