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On Jan. 17th, we are going to load a container of European type clamp. And client asks for paper box package. However, it was heavily snow in the wee hours. In order to reduce the loading time, our quality inspectors came to our factory early in the morning. Then they are waiting for the container truck. Because of the heavy snow, the truck was late. While during that, the snow begins to thaw. After some time, some boxes are wet. With the time goes on, it will affect the clamps. In order to make sure the quality, we have to repack the clamps. Then our inspector immediately go out to purchase the new paper box. Then they repack the goods quickly. Fortunately, they finished the packing before the truck coming.

Orientflex loads goods in the snow

Through this small piece I want to show you out unique service. No matter what the weather is, we will load your good on time. In order to serve well for each of order, we set up complete order tracking and QC department. After you placing the order, we will immediately inform our factory to produce the goods. While our order tracking department will ask for the freight and arrange the booking at once. Before the mass production, we will make some samples. Then we will test them to check if there are qualified. If there is no problem, we will produce the hose in mass. After that, we will offer you some options for the package and you can choose at will. All these efforts are to provide you the best purchase experience.

Orientflex loading solution
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