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Orientflex annual ceremony will be held on Jan.13th, 2024. Annual ceremony is the biggest group activity in the whole year. Thus we need to make a complete preparation for such event. Therefore, we began to do some decoration one day earlier on Jan.12th. Then next, let me introduce you what we do before the ceremony.

Orientflex annual ceremony

First, we need to decorate the venue

In 2022, we have about 80 members attended the ceremony. But in 2023, about 30 members join us and entry in Orientflex. Therefore, we need a larger room to held the ceremony. While the are of the venue is 2 times of that in 2022. Thus we need more members to decorate it.

In the site, male staff do the garland work and hang on the scroll. While the female staff prepare balloons and flowers. All of them work hard for a beautiful venue and for a strong festive atmosphere.


Second, we should make sure all the equipment in the venue works well

During the ceremony, we need to show the PPT. Thus we need to make sure the electronic screen is fine. Besides, when the members entering, there should be music company. Then we need to adjust the audio to make sure all the sound equipment works well without current noise.

Besides above work, we need to rehearsal many times to make sure a smooth ceremony. After the hard work, the preparation work was finished at 8:20 in the night. Let’s expect the official ceremony tomorrow.

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