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Winter has arrived, are you planning to purchase high pressure oil pipe protective sleeve? There are more and more hydraulic hose protect sleeves on the market now. Besides, there are various of types. Then how to distinguish the good hose from the bad ones? Then next, Orientflex will offer you some tips to select a high quality spiral guard warp.

4 steps to choose a high quality spiral hose guard

First, see

That is to observe if the surface of the spiral protective sleeve is smooth. From a professional point of view, the better the PP, the smaller the molecular weight of the raw material. So you can observe if the surface is smooth. If you find that the surface is uneven, then it is probably a spiral made of doped recycled materials.

spiral hydraulic hose wrap

Second, smell

You can smell the spiral guard hose protector to see if it has an odor. PP itself is colorless and odorless. Then a high quality hose guard should be odorless. And where does that pungent smell come from? It turns out that other chemicals are added to the recycled waste rubber during the crushing process. Then the pungent smell comes out.

Third, ask

That is, before buying, you can ask if it is sold by meters or kilograms. High quality spiral sleeve adopts original material. Thus it is light in weight and sold by the meter. But the bad quality hose is heavier. Because it is made from recycled rubber and other material. So it is generally sold by the kilogram.

spiral hose protector

Last, touch

Just rely on the feel, and judge by the thickness of the hydraulic hose wrap. A wrap that feels thick to the touch is not necessarily wear resistant. If you rub a thin and thick spiral sleeve on uneven ground, the wear area of an overly thick protective cover will increase. Larger and more severely worn. The wear resistance of recycled material products has been greatly reduced. And you can only visually mislead consumers by increasing its thickness. In fact, its wear resistance is bad. In addition, it will be difficult to install.

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