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Hydraulic hose joint is used in industrial environments across a wide range of industries. It can be said that wherever there are pipelines, there are basically hydraulic joints. Because the connections between pipelines or the connections between pipelines and equipment are needed. I believe many friends will encounter selection problems. For example, the connector on the previous device is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new connector. Or construction machinery or equipment manufacturers need to choose connectors when assembling equipment. However, after contacting many hydraulic joint sellers, I found that the prices of the same joints differed greatly. So, how can we find a suitable hydraulic joint manufacturer and a regular price?

hydraulic oil hose fitting

First determine the size of the hydraulic joint manufacturer

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, there are thousands of results when we search for what we need on the website. This is also the result of making our choice difficult. When we choose a hydraulic joint manufacturer or manufacturer, we should first consider whether the manufacturer is independently produced, whether it has processing equipment, testing equipment, technical personnel, etc. If the above conditions are met, then we can communicate with the manufacturer by reporting the specifications and types we need.

But trading companies do not have these processing and technical conditions. And it is equivalent to adding a price increase when we buy, which causes the problem of inflated prices.

hydraulic hose fitting

The required quantity and processing difficulty of hydraulic joints

If the hydraulic joints we need are ordinary standard parts circulating in the market, the requirements are not high, and we need a large quantity, then there is a high probability that the price of this type of joints is not high. However, if there are some demanding conditions, such as higher requirements on the joint body, threads and material appearance, and the joint is a special-shaped customized product, then the cost will be higher.

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