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On Jan. 16th, 2024, our quality inspector inspected the loading of a container of hydraulic hose. Before the loading, our quality inspector will check and test the high pressure hose. First, we will make some test to the hose. While the most important is the pressure test. Take the 1/4’’ size hydraulic hose as example. The working pressure is 35 Mpa and the burst pressure should be 4 times of it. That’s to say, the burst pressure should be 140 Mpa. While the test shows that the hose bursts at 162 Mpa. Then the pressure resistance is quite good and higher than the standard.

hydraulic hose loading

Besides, there are many other tests. First is the parameter test and measure. Our quality inspector will measure the inner diameter, outer diameter and wall thickness. Besides, we will test the length of each piece of hose. Then next is the appearance check. We will confirm the printing, color, client’s logo and many other information on the hose body.

hydraulic hose R2 loading

After above inspection works, we begin the loading. The whole project lasts 3 hours and we finished the work at 7 o’clock in the evening. Then the container will be delivered to Nigeria few days later. Thanks for the hard work of our QC department and thanks our client for choosing us.

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