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In the end of 2021 and at the beginning of 2022, all of the 68 members of OrientFlex get together for a meeting on the topic of “summarize 2021 and look forward to the future”.

As the leader of OrientFlex, general manager John Wu summarize the 2021 from the macro. He asks a question, what are the words can represent 2021? “I think they should be hard, difficult and helplessness”, said John Wu. In the whole year of 2021, we suffered from covid-19, sharp rising of raw material, multiplied freight and the production and power restriction successively. Each of these is huge impact to us. But we work hard and try anything to against these impacts and harvest a lot.

Subsequently, finance and integrated service department report the summary. Before the meeting, all of the staff have finished the summary. Let’s summarize 2021 with some data.

In 2021, we totally received 9490 inquiries and 1186 orders. Our sales reach 26 million dollars which increases 7.55 million dollars (40%) than 2020. Among these, the quantity of new client is 312 with the sale 4.45 million (16.9%).

For the hose products, PVC hose, industrial hose and PVC layflat hose are the most popular products, the proportion of which is 25.91%, 19.81 and 16.45% respectively. Other hoses like hydraulic hose, suction hose, pneumatic hose and fittings are also sale well.

For our clients, they come from America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. In a word, our clients are in all over the world. Our hose and other products have been exported to more than 130 countries like Peru, Chili, Brazil, Russia, UAE, America, Thailand, British, Nigeria, Indonesia and many others.

For the OrientFlex family, we have 53 members but it becomes 68 in 2021. In our family, 95% of the members have bachelor degree and 20% of the sales have the abroad study experience.

Orientflex year end summary

For the study, train and review, we take more than 150 hours to review, more than 50 hours for self study. We spent more that 450,000 and we organized 2 event to train our staff and strength our cohesion. In 2021, we organized 39 times of weekly meeting and we participated in 3 PK activities. We lived for more than 18 times and we held sharing activities more than 60 times.

In 2021, we experienced the hardest year since our establishment. Thank our leader John Wu who lead us to overcome all obstacles and guide us a bright way. Thank all of OrientFlex members for your hard working, effort and company. We over come the covid-19 and marketing fluctuation. We achieve our goals and we achieve 40% increase. All of these achievements are all because of you. Let’s work together and fight for a better future.

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